Patrick Quinn

ALS Patient/Advocate

I was diagnosed with ALS. I know the road ahead may be difficult, but I am ready to give this disease everything I have.

My name is Patrick Quinn. My life changed on March 8, 2013, I was diagnosed with ALS. Let the battle begin…

Beat ALS
Join in the battle!

We believe collaboration and working together is key to beating this disease! Let's fight together! Quinn for the Win is here to make a difference and do everything we can to end ALS! Help us!

We need your support! Not only will you help Pat fight the extremely high costs of living with ALS, but you will support our research initiatives. Quinn for the Win will continue to get behind the best and brightest in ALS research.

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters presents Pat with a Webby Award for the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Check out Pat's speech at Klick Health MUSE in Philadelphia. Great surprise at the end from Philly sports!

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After the IBC took off, Pat was invited out to Chicago on an ALS awareness campaign. See him speak to Major League Baseball.

Every August Until A Cure Pat Quinn
Sometimes it is easy to question why certain things happen to you. But I believe this hand has been dealt to me for a reason. And I'm not giving up. Pat Quinn